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GB-2274889-A: An improved connector for pipe coupling patent, GB-2434667-A: Maintaining System Management BIOS in a computer system patent, GB-2503862-A: Three dimensional, dual band, planar inverted-F antenna formation. patent, CN-101852570-A: 热交换器的管道连接结构 patent, CN-102058466-A: Chinese massage robot patent, CN-102116314-A: Cross-flow fan of composite wire blade impeller patent, CN-102313636-A: Vortex-induced vibration simulation test device for deep sea riser model with movable top end under action of step flow patent, CN-102535779-A: El冷光云纹石系统 patent, CN-102830002-A: Method for preparing pistacia chinensis bunge bud chromosome slide patent, CN-102848272-A: Automatic grinding system for centerless grinding machine patent, CN-102923405-A: 一种粉罐及搅拌站 patent, CN-102924346-A: 一种对甲砜基二溴甲苯的合成方法 patent, CN-103091277-A: Method for detecting organic contamination on surface of large-sized monocrystalline silicon wafer by infrared transmission patent, CN-103093477-A: 一种基于食道超声的主动脉瓣快速分割方法 patent, CN-103095996-A: 基于时空显著性检测的多传感器视频融合方法 patent, CN-103100269-A: 一种三聚氰胺热气过滤器专用滤袋 patent, CN-103112060-A: Balsa wood core material guiding recessing machine patent, CN-103112694-A: Biomass electricity generating furnace front screw conveyor device patent, CN-103125604-A: Cancer inhibition health-care milk patent, CN-103194419-A: Microorganism and application thereof patent, CN-103271288-A: 一种营养保健面条 patent, CN-103308080-A: 灶具与抽油烟机的组合、家用电器及其档位检测装置 patent, CN-103359647-A: Double-row-rope synchronous lifting machine of window cleaning machine patent, CN-103465058-A: Turning clamping fixture for forklift front wheel spindle support patent, CN-103470751-A: Hybrid electric vehicle and double clutch automatic transmission used for hybrid electric vehicle patent, CN-103510780-A: Car window control system and car window control method with anti-pinch function patent, CN-103515546-A: OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) substrate cutting protection device and cutting method patent, CN-103528636-A: Negative pressure fixed volumetric liquid amount dynamic measuring device patent, CN-103529157-A: 一种净水树脂中胺类固化剂迁移量的离子色谱质谱检测方法 patent, CN-103586902-A: Gauze clipping device patent, CN-103587514-A: Brake pedal structure for automobile patent, CN-103831802-A: Cabinet patent, CN-103855511-A: 连接器 patent, CN-103921499-A: 具有优异钎焊性能的金属材料 patent, CN-103932851-A: Newborn baby carriage patent, CN-103943600-A: Novel Butt Joint And Connection Between Chip And Substrate patent, CN-103948943-A: 一种可复制型肾癌治疗性dna疫苗 patent, CN-103965906-A: Yttrium aluminum garnet fluorescent powder material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103968494-A: 空调系统的控制方法及空调系统 patent, CN-103971691-A: 语音信号处理系统及方法 patent, CN-104057330-A: 压力可控型微调夹具 patent, CN-104218988-A: Method and device for detecting optical network unit and passive optical network system patent, CN-104460654-A: 一种基于量化特征关系的不完备故障诊断规则提取方法 patent, CN-104596934-A: Spectrophotometer with mixer patent, CN-104645437-A: 多用洗胃急救装置 patent, CN-104659870-A: Battery balance management circuit and system patent, CN-104663336-A: Young fruit bagging machine patent, CN-104701794-A: 可垂直安装的多功能过流夹具 patent, CN-104747158-A: 一种改造高泥质砂岩层的方法 patent, CN-104762344-A: Method for continuously preparing fructo-oligosaccharide by using immobilized enzyme microreactor patent, CN-104766481-A: Method and system for unmanned plane to conduct vehicle tracking patent, CN-104859023-A: Dry-type bamboo chopstick processing method patent, CN-104947169-A: Preparation method of super-hydrophobic silicon dioxide film patent, CN-104972287-A: Three-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm movement control device patent, CN-105073051-A: 用于多电极阵列导管的网篮 patent, CN-105078578-A: 医学的检查和/或治疗设备 patent, CN-105093211-A: Positioning method and apparatus based on air conditioner patent, CN-105103202-A: 交易装置以及交易方法 patent, CN-105147467-A: Hand-cranking rehabilitation wheelchair patent, CN-105167828-A: 横向牵伸器 patent, CN-105203228-A: Demodulation method and device for distributed optical fiber Raman temperature system patent, CN-105289728-A: 用于制备催化剂的方法 patent, CN-105308196-A: Process for manufacturing maraging steel and method for refining inclusions patent, CN-105397232-A: Flame brazing intelligent pressure-stabilization and flow-stabilization control system patent, CN-105537156-A: Cleaning device for mirror of trough type solar concentrator patent, CN-105600582-A: 一种电缆放线装置及其使用方法 patent, CN-105828672-A: 配重枕垫悬吊睡眠辅助装置 patent, CN-105943207-A: Intelligent artificial limb movement system based on idiodynamics and control methods thereof patent, CN-105945957-A: 一种轻载无线传输四核快速关节机器人控制系统 patent, CN-106119989-A: Cylindrical surface diamond interval array electrostatic spinning nozzle and electrostatic spinning method patent, GB-2171822-A: Method and apparatus for controlling an electric discharge machine patent, GB-2428345-A: A display having multiple view and single view modes patent, CN-101913296-A: Printing system, control method thereof, information recorder patent, CN-102565415-A: 蛋白质原位表达芯片及其构建方法和应用 patent, CN-102618060-A: Method for preparing asymmetrical cyanine dye and method for detecting bovine serum albumin by asymmetrical cyanine dye patent, CN-102930738-A: Vehicle positioning and traffic flow detection system and method patent, CN-102931049-A: 一种紧凑型无极荧光灯 patent, CN-103218960-A: 一种可自动更新的音频播放系统 patent, CN-103272973-A: 一种用于制作墙体水泥板小头钉的专用模具 patent, CN-103540318-A: Preparation method of rare earth complex grafted luminescent titanium dioxide mesoporous microsphere patent, CN-103595711-A: Adjusting safety access method and exchanger patent, CN-103786976-A: Bag-in-box rice wine packaging technology and bag in box patent, CN-104186297-A: Olive cuttage seedling cultivating cuttage bed and cuttage seedling cultivating method patent, CN-104289847-A: 内胀式车身焊接装夹夹具 patent, CN-104334352-A: 用于供给待压印箔片的馈送模组 patent, CN-104368082-A: Extrusion device for drainage tube and extrusion method thereof patent, CN-104370074-A: Classified automatic deflection detecting and correcting device for mineral conveyor patent, CN-104390124-A: Lifesaving automatic oxygen bottle patent, CN-104429782-A: Method for salicaceae seedling culture in drought regions patent, CN-104444695-A: 电梯适应性递进阻尼力的缓冲系统 patent, CN-104534076-A: 机械式变速器及机械式变速器的控制方法 patent, CN-104737858-A: Cloudiness-shed covering layer of mushroom and vegetable evenspan type greenhouse and building method thereof patent, CN-104792919-A: 恒流薄层色谱仪 patent, CN-104861983-A: Farmland soil conditioner and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104917097-A: 导线提升器 patent, CN-104970505-A: 登山伞 patent, CN-105133797-A: Energy-saving and environment-friendly waterproof warming construction method for existing roof surface patent, CN-105181107-A: High resolution underwater acoustic signal real-time spectrum analyzing system patent, CN-105231977-A: 卵巢窥视针及卵巢窥视系统 patent, CN-105330098-A: 应用液体静、动力学原理的废水深度处理工艺 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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